debt free

Or if you already are—what did you buy? I’m talking the very first item? We’re getting close enough to being cc debt free we are starting to have that discussion and to make priority lists. Since our children are already out of college and we are already putting back for retirement (will increase the amount though) we are looking at needed repairs in conjunction with building the ffef and paying off the two mortgages that each only have 3 years at the most left to die a normal death—which we will speed up considerably.
We are planning on taking a big trip to WDW after the cc are gone and before going hard after the mortgages, but haven’t decided yet for certain what our first cash purchase for home/lifestyle improvement will be. I’m leaning hard toward a small chest freezer packed with meat and restocking my food storage big time (we’re in our 9th or is it 10th week of living out of it). Dh is leaning toward new decks for the house. We’ll probably change our minds 100 times between now and then.