So, the week that DH accepted this position he was told another firm was going to make him a similar offer.

He accepted this one and politely declined the other, and took himself out of the running for a much higher paying one (3rd company) because of the potential for growth at the company he went to work for.

That just went up in smoke.

DH came home tonight “early” (5:45pm on a Friday, in SoCal; he’s been getting home at like 8ish every night for the past 3 weeks. I said, wow. You’re home so early I’m almost worried you got fired or something!”

He said: I did.

And he wasn’t kidding.

The company is tanking fast, and they never should have filled the position. So he’s last in and first out.

I’m calmer than I was a few hours ago. I was SO MAD. The opportunity cost for us was tremendous. It’s possible that those other positions are still open, but it just makes me MAD, and it puts us in a very tenuous position.

Although on the bright side, it bought us an extra month when we needed it.

According to DH, “they’re so sorry, it’s all their fault” blah blah blah.

I said, Yeah? Were they “sorry” enough to cut you a check for a month’s worth of severance? Because it’s going to take 2 weeks to get unemployment flowing again. So they can gush “how sorry they are” but in my world:

MONEY talks, and BS walks.

I have no other words except, thanks for letting me vent.