-good advertising. I find a way to list *what* we have on the posters and emails. A lot of people are looking for specific things: baby clothes, books, antiques, and you want to get the right ones to your sale
-really good signage. I live in a dense area with confusing streets. I print out three types of big arrows, and in smaller type have the address and date , and I go wild putting them up in the neighborhood (and try to find and take them all down later)
-really low prices that get lower as the day goes on. My goal is to bring NOTHING inside. If I think I can sell something for double digits, it doesn’t go in the yard sale, unless it’s one of the things that people look for (around here that would be good wood furniture, bicycles, large baby items) I’ve made money on yard sales in bulk. Which also means, can’t have them too often.

Remember how I was lamenting last week how I didn’t have a grasp on where my money was going? Well, not now 🙂

Seriously, I redid our expenses in order of what HAS to be paid to keep us going (i.e., rent, utilities etc.) I took cash in hand, apportioned it, and literally every dollar coming in after that (which isn’t much), has a name.

I’m going to call the car loan company today and see if I can reapportion two or three payments to the end of the loan. I’m hoping that will buy us some time. I’m going to turn in resumes at temp agencies today as well.

It’s funny, but DH’s first reaction when he came home was “don’t tell the kids, I’ll just tell them I’m working from home on Monday.” I’m like REALLY???? It’s kind of a metaphor for his view on money– just ignore reality, pretend everything is ok, blah blah. I’m not complaining about him, even though it sounds like I am. I am just amazed at the whole ostrich syndrome.

Oh, and ironically the job he turned down to take the own he did? He called them this morning to see if it was still open. Yeah, that guy starts TODAY.