August 2016

Dh and dd will be with me at the craft shows


dh is taking a 2 hour shift at the rotary club booth then coming to help at mine. dd will be wmysideith me the whole time. One is very close to my house and one is too far away for that. It would easily take 30 minutes plus just one way. Even at the close one, once the show starts no one can pull up close to booths to unload anyway. They might as well be in my car … at least that save the trip home. Parking is a premium too so once we “lose” a space by leaving, we probably won’t get a close one again.

I am planning on bringing double my usual 100 sets. If I almost sell out at the first one, that is a good thing. But…. I’ll have lots to replenish that week before the next one!

This is going back more than a week

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A few months ago, we bought my son a car. He finally turned 16 last week, but he still can’t get his driver license until mid-Sept., because there’s a 8-9 week waiting list that I was unaware of! Anyway, when we bought the car we took advantage of the special offer from gshloans company ($700 payday loans), it had some damage on the passenger side that we were aware of and some damage under the car that we weren’t aware of. Well, we got everything except the cosmetic stuff taken care of and the only thing we need to get done is the passenger side-mirror. It slowed my snowball down about 8 weeks. I’m gazelle again, and getting it paid off either the last week of December or the first week of Jan., depending on which spreadsheet I use!

We have decided to stay in our house for at least 2 years. However, it needs some work done to it. I need Jan and her enthusiasm and her family’s “get ‘er done!” attitude! I’m currently working on stuff that only cost elbow-grease and Old-School Engineering to improve the place. I covered a “Pain in my you-know-where” area in my yard with mulch and gravel, but the dogs started digging into it, so I gave up on that.

We switched cell phone plans. With my son driving (in theory, at least), he went from a $15/month text-only plan to a $29/month unlimited everything plan. My husband went from a $30 to $29 plan, no big savings, but he’s unlimited now. I still have my minutes until Feb. 2017 plan, but if I run out of minutes, I’ll upgrade to the same deal.
We covered the kitchen chairs the other day. I got the chairs for $5 each 7-8 years ago, and the frames (metal) are still in really good shape, but the vinyl was shredded. I purchased a cloth/canvas table cloth for $1 and it covered them all. I hope I can get my $5.25 worth out of them some day!! I am working on making new covers for the couch cushions and possibly a slip cover (if I have enough fabric left) out of a sheet set I got for $3. Again, good bones… bad fabric!

A co-worker has commissioned me to make a baby quilt for her. A little extra money for me! Yay! Quilting is a terribly expensive habit, but it’s the only bad one I have teeheehee. I need to make some money back on it. Right now, I should be making her quilt top or my cushion covers, but for now, I’m typing. Ok, maybe I have 2 bad habits 🙂

So that’s all that’s going on around here. Dealing with the car and fixing up the house is taken up all my free time! But it’s all good.

First, I’ve continued to send out resumes and applications, and I have yet to receive a single phone call from any of them. That’s an entire month lost to looking for suitable jobs and sending in applications. I’m continuing in that effort, but I can’t afford (literally and figuratively) to waste another month on this kind of effort, with nothing to show for it. So as of this week, I’m laying out how many hours I’m going to spend on that, vs how many hours I’m going to apply towards continuing to build farm income. I may not hit my earnings targets with farm production but at least I get SOMETHING coming in. With this job search, I’ve had all the same monthly costs, and zilch for income. We can’t keep doing that. So I’ll be something of a split personality in September – looking for work while continuing to build the business here. I need to just clone myself and get it over with.
The good news is we’ve got to unexpected but large sales suddenly on our planning horizon. We were asked just a few hours ago if we had any extra hogs that had not yet gone to slaughter, because a fellow hog producer is sold out and still getting inquiries. So we may get some sales from that. Also, we’ve decided to retire our two mature sows this fall; they’re getting on eight years old, which is ancient in hog years, and their careers are basically over. That’ll be lots and LOTS of sausage to be sold, which I’m just starting to tackle. But it’s a nice logistical problem to have. As I described before, it’s already paid for and it’s a high-value item. Now I just have to go sell it. If anyone on the list is in the western WA area, or would want it frozen and drop-shipped to them, let me know off list and I’ll set you up with the best sausage you’ve ever had.
So I’m discouraged with the job search, but maybe it’s just as well that I turn my attention back to the farm business. That’s what has the potential to really earn money for me. So that’s where I’m going to focus now.

Remember how I was lamenting last week how I didn’t have a grasp on where my money was going? Well, not now 🙂

Seriously, I redid our expenses in order of what HAS to be paid to keep us going (i.e., rent, utilities etc.) I took cash in hand, apportioned it, and literally every dollar coming in after that (which isn’t much), has a name.

I’m going to call the car loan company today and see if I can reapportion two or three payments to the end of the loan. I’m hoping that will buy us some time. I’m going to turn in resumes at temp agencies today as well.

It’s funny, but DH’s first reaction when he came home was “don’t tell the kids, I’ll just tell them I’m working from home on Monday.” I’m like REALLY???? It’s kind of a metaphor for his view on money– just ignore reality, pretend everything is ok, blah blah. I’m not complaining about him, even though it sounds like I am. I am just amazed at the whole ostrich syndrome.

Oh, and ironically the job he turned down to take the own he did? He called them this morning to see if it was still open. Yeah, that guy starts TODAY.

I’ve been trying to declutter, which is a Herculean task at the moment. I’m hoping my budget survives this bowling season. I’ve agreed to be a regular member on a 2nd bowling league. So that’s more money going out, unless I can somehow WIN a bunch.