September 2016

As many of you know I have a custom coasters business since last December. Wow, that seems like a long time when I write it out like that. Many of you know I was a vendor at some craft shows last spring, and for the most part it went very well. I met some nice people, made some sales, had a god time.

Well since late spring and into the summer I’ve applied to some shows for the fall. Oh, some of you live where you have a mild summer and probably have craft shows throughout the summer. Around here, the summers can be brutally hot and humid so IF they occur you might be lucky to find one indoors. However they are few and far between in the summer. Anyway, I am now officially in the two biggest craft shows in the area … one in the parish where I reside and one in a neighboring parish. Yeah! I am so happy! At both of the big shows they get 1000’s through their gates every year. One is held 2x/year. One is held annually, I think. I am also in a smaller one that is just having their 2nd craft show and it’s held at a church as a fundraiser for their women’s ministry.

The dates are Oct. 19, Nov. 2, and Nov. 9. That is 3 shows w/a short turn around. I told dh last night that I know what I’ll be doing the last 1/2 of October through the middle of November! Actually I cannot wait till the middle of October to get ready. I already had over 80 sets of coasters. Since I have nothing to judge my sales for the 2 big shows, having not attended before, it is pure speculation on what to bring. If I bring my typical 100 sets of coasters, I could be sold out by noon and still have to remain at my booth till it’s over. I am thinking I need to double what I normally bring to a small craft show, so that would be 200 sets of coasters (4/set).

For trivets, I have never really had more than 3 or 4 to pick from. dh suggested 25 coasters. So that is my goal to have on hand, at least at the 2 big shows.

I have had success in the most unlikely places it seems. The man who did our kitchen cabinets brought a guy with him a few weeks ago to finish the last little part. They employee realized I was “the lady who does coasters.” So he ordered a set for his mom. I went by to delver the set and collect payment. Another employee came out and said he bought a set from the display I had left and paid me for it. Another employee is in Ducks Unlimited and ordered 2 sets of coasters and 2 trivets to auction at their banquet in September! When I went by to show a sample of coasters to the DU guy, the first guy who ordered for his mom came rushing in, he says, “Hey, my old lady saw the set I got my mom and says, ‘And where’s my set?!’ So he ordered another set which I’ll deliver next week! To myself I am saying like, “WOW” I have not tried to sell a single thing here and they come in here to the show room, almost running … a bunch of cabinet builders, one of the least likely groups of people I’d expect to buy my coasters! Really LOL Rolling on the floor laughing

A friend and I made an antique-ing trip today to Breaux Bridge, LA. We planned it last week. You know, it is fun to take a trip like this and KNOW you are going to be able to pay the utilities, mortgage, gas in the car, and put food on the table …. AND still be able to buy something you like that’s in a store. Today I was looking specifically for stained glass windows, yes still in the window frame. No we are not replacing any windows. These are used to decorate in the sun room. we also have a place to hang them for decoration over the kitchen sink. Well, I did find one with a some stained glass. The jewel of the day was one made with slag glass. Here is a pick of what that kind of glass looks like, though it’s the one I purchased. if I can, I’ll get my purchased uploaded.