Try again next week

You’ve already got everything organized, so it doesn’t hurt to do it again. Start on Friday. Place signs in bright poster board around area. Place adds in the free section of your newspaper beginning early this upcoming week. Mention better items you have for sale in the ad, as well as the fact that a lot of the items are brand new. If you’re selling clothing, mention the sizes or maybe the manufacturer if it’s something trendy or recognizable. I’ve never made less than $1000 at any of my sales, but I always have a lot of crap that I’ve spent too much money on and don’t need any longer (or really never needed to begin with). Lastly, I’ve always been told the first Saturdays of the months are the best because people who have received their government assistance checks have just received those funds, and they are often cruising the garage sales when they feel they have a bit more jingle in their pocket. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but I’ve always kept that date in mind when I’ve had sales. You might want to have a third garage sale (after next weekend) over Labor Day. I would think that would be the last big date for garage salers.

I’m terribly sorry about your husband, btw. We were all so excited for you when your dh finally found employment; hopefully, the other company will be willing to hire him and want him to begin immediately.