An end to your peace and quiet is upon you

After around 3 weeks of semi silence from me due to my frustration of typing on a keyboard who thought H and O were none necessities, and sometimes various other letters were to be forgotten as well I am semi up and running again.
I’m now on a Frankenstein desktop with a new and very stiff keyboard that is much lower than I am use to typing on. Plus and entirely different trackball set-up. All are actually used equipment from various computers we’ve had over the years so we are still working the bugs out. I’ve got a huge backlog of emails to work my way through, so if you see a response to something you wrote 3 weeks ago that is why.
For all of you like Kathryn who have e’d me privately to see if everything is ok I was not ignoring you.; I simply hated trying to type where the letters each had to be hit as many as 10 times to get them to show up. A single email often made my fingers ache for hours. So I simply didn’t even try after a few days. I apologize.
All of you that inquired about my blogs, I will definitely be getting that all up and going again as soon as possible. The new keyboard has a slightly different set-up than the one on my laptop, but all things are adaptable.
Francis, good news! We have been working not only the office to get the card business going, but ds purchased me two cartridges that will cut custom envelopes for the greeting card business. I’ll soon be doing a blog/facebook post on all the new products we are adding to the business this fall.