Thank you all for your advice

I was looking for this number to give me some incentive to look for spare money to pay this loan off faster. And to be honest, it doesn’t look like it is worth it.

This is a credit card balance we’ve had since at least 2007. The interest rate is actually 5.9%. One of the first of our cards to jump the interest rate. So we froze the account and have been paying it off since. We have since started following Dave Ramsey and have paid off a whole bunch of “smaller” debts. This is the first of three “five digit” balances we have. Starting next month, we’ll be paying $250 a week on this card, hoping to have it paid off in just over a year.

And to be honest, at this point in our life, it’s not worth sacrificing to save $5. Especially since, after Sharon mentioned amortization charts, I started looking at those, and did actually find the one at that someone suggested. When I put in the actual numbers ($12,000 at 5.9%), an extra one-time-only payment of $50 would save us . . . $1.49.